Maintenance impacting All Subbly Services

Back online, monitoring, more tasks to do still


Upcoming downtime for 15 mins


Any downtime or interruptions will be experienced tomorrow Sunday the 20th.

We will keep this thread up dated on progress!

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturdays


We're moving our planned major upgrades to the top of our priority list due to outgrowing some old hardware which is letting us down. There will be some minor downtime while we migrate data and bring things online. Approximately 15-30 minutes of downtime.

Note when this takes place due to DNS propagation you might see Subbly offline for longer until your computer updates it's DNS to see our new IP addresses.

P.P.S We will be announcing some changes required for your website DNS records if you host with us, we will share more in an email and of course we will help you through the process. This one is not urgent so don't worry, the old records will still work for a period of time.

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