Maintenance impacting All Subbly Services

Bringing services back online, will wait 10 mins before marking this deployment as complete. Sessions were rest so you will need to login again. Thanks for your patience. 🙏


Maintenance mode now


Alright, we're back after some ☕️ and last minute polishing, we're doing this! 🤞

There will be at most 30 minutes of downtime


99% ready to switch to production. Taking a break to do it with clear minds. Found some more edge case bugs whilst testing in staging. This is why we do it :) - Update to follow after a break. Thanks for your patience


Moving onto final migration test runs


Woo, ok upgrades made, longer than expected. Ran into some version issues which slowed us down a bit. But up and running, out of maintenance mode. Back to maintenance mode in approx 2 hours.


Performing upgrades to servers


In maintenance mode now. Will be back soon, but will need to go back into it after that again.


Running over, but on track for deployment today. Final tests revealed some edge case bugs which we've patched since.

Beginning final tests on staging environment before final pre-flight checks, and then we will begin.


We're rolling out new features, this is big update.

Pushed back due to additional last minute product pushes.

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