Incident impacting Payments & Orders

The script has finished running.

We will be in touch directly with updates about patching the root of the problem that caused this. The issue is only appearing when there is a large transaction volume, so things should be stable but we will continue to figure out the root of the problem and a suitable solution.

Apologies to those who were affected.

Status changed to
Fully Operational

Script has been deployed, however some refunds were manually made during the time it took us to run it, so we're tidying up some of the remaining ones now.

Status remaining
Degraded Performance

A script to fix the data and make appropriate partial refunds to affected customers and the affected orders is being deployed. In some cases we may contact you first before we deploy it.

Status remaining
Degraded Performance

During the spike of renewals being processed on the 1st of the month, we saw that a previous issue has resurfaced causing some customers to be billed incorrectly.

We're working on correcting this data and communicating with the affected merchants directly.

If you have been affected, please avoid taking action till we have reached out to you.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Once we resolve this, we are putting all our attention into preventing this from ever happening again and will give an update with a root cause analysis.

Status changed to
Degraded Performance
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